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 Definition of a Tip

  My qualified business TIP, is a company or person who is interested in a specific service or product and is expecting a call from a LeTip Member.

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Question: How many meetings do I attend before I can join?


Each guest is required to attend two (2) consecutive meetings before an application can be accepted. An inspection of an applicant's place of business is a requirement of acceptance.


Q: How many votes are required for acceptance into the Chapter?


It depends on the Chapter's size. If the Chapter contains fewer than thirty (30) members, then a minimum of three (3) "NO" votes can permit the Chapter to deny membership. If there are more than thirty (30) members, then a minimum of 10% of the membership (tallied from the beginning of the quarter) voting "NO" is required to permit the Chapter to deny membership.


Q: How much does it cost to join a LeTip Chapter?


The initial membership fee is established by LeTip International, Inc., and is separate from your local Chapter's dues which are based on its individual operational costs. Any additional questions should be directed to your local Membership Chairperson.


Q: When are my dues required to be paid?


Most Chapters collect dues on a quarterly schedule, and the Treasurer will pro-rate new members' dues when they join to get them on the Chapter's cycle. The Chapter's Board of Directors establishes the amount for each Chapter. There are NO paid positions or profits involved, only the actual costs.


Q: Who will notify me when I'm accepted for membership?


The Chapter's Membership Chairperson and your sponsor (if a chapter member) will call you the day you are voted into the Chapter. A letter from the President will follow to welcome you to the Chapter.


Q: Who pays for the guest's breakfast?


The Chapter will pay for the first one and the guest pays for their second visit.


Q: What is the "Lucky Devil" all about?


Each week a business card from the speaker of the previous week is placed under someone's chair or plate. The person, if a member, is required during members' commercials to stand behind the person whose card they have and give a SERIOUS commercial as if they were indeed that person. We do this to reinforce the importance of the Speakers each week, and to keep each member's attention focused on the meeting. (If the card is at a guest's seat, then it is passed to the right until it reaches a member). Remember, this is done only when the tip bucket is being passed around.


Q: What's the "Lunch Bunch" all about?


Once every month, five (5) members will have their business cards drawn by the Chapter's President. These five (5) members will then treat their newest member to lunch. All five (5) members will stand and the President will appoint a chairperson who will arrange the luncheon. "Lunch Bunch" helps members become better acquainted with their fellow member's respective businesses. (There is a $5.00 fine for non-attendance.)


Q: What is a Qualified Guest?


A Qualified Guest is a person whose occupation is not represented in the Chapter, and if permitted to join, would not be in conflict with any of the Chapter's members. Guests are invited for two (2) meetings, and they must decide about joining at the second meeting.


Q: Once a member of LeTip, am I confined to conducting business only with other LeTip members?


Your fellow LeTip members are your business' best references, as you are theirs. Member's LOYALTY to each other explains why the best of LeTip chapters are so overwhelmingly successful and continue to grow every year. Support your SALES FORCE and they will support you.


Q: How many tips do I have to give?


To maintain your membership - four (4) tips per month are required. The real question is: How much business do you really want? You will be rewarded according to your ability to help others. Really! The more you tip, the more tips you will receive. It's not a one-way street.


Q: If I have a problem or a conflict with another member, who do I contact?


Members are asked to talk directly with other members about any problems that arise. Most of the time this will be an adequate solution. If the problem persists, contact your Chapter Ethics Chairperson. This is a person who is not on the Board of Directors and will assist you with the problem. Every issue is confidential and will be kept that way. The Ethics Chairperson will take steps as necessary to resolve the issue using specific guidelines set by LeTip International.


Q: How do I earn my BLUE, SILVER, GOLD, or Platinum badge?


Members that sponsor a specified number of new members into any LeTip chapter receive a badge upgrade and a gift from LeTip International as a sign of our appreciation. Blue = 3 members; Silver = 10 members; Gold = 25 members; Platinum = 50 members. Our badge incentive program provides recognition for LOYALTY.


Q: What is the "Poker Folder" all about?

A: The Poker Folder is a tool used by every chapter to encourage new members (white badge holders) to bring in a Qualified Guest to the following week's meeting. Members who do take $10.00 out of the tip bucket. While members who don't will be required to drop $10.00 into the tip bucket and keep the Poker Folder for one more week. If at the next meeting the member brings in a Qualified Guest, they may take $10.00 out of the tip bucket. Again, failure to bring in a Qualified Guest will result in the member being required to drop another $10.00 into the tip bucket. LeTip's rules maintain that no member may hold the Poker Folder for more than two weeks, although a member who hasn't sponsored a minimum of three (3) new members is still an eligible Poker Folder candidate.


Q: How long do I have to do my commercial?


At each meeting every member receives 30 seconds to pass tips, pay fines, and do their commercial. Begin by informing fellow members - "This is the way you can best tip me". Make it count.


Q: When do I get to Showboat, Greet, and Speak?


The Chapter's Program Chairperson sets a schedule for the Chapter so everyone has an opportunity as they join the group. The first week you Showboat; second week you Greet; and the third week you are the Speaker.


Q: What do I do when I'm asked to be the Showboat person?


Showboating allows each member to properly explain their business' service and needs to fellow members. Each week's Showboater is asked to arrive and set up their company's display of products or services by 7:01 A.M. SHARP. Making a real effort to "DISPLAY" your business will have an enormous impact on the amount of tips you receive from fellow members.


Q: How long do I have when I am the Speaker?


Ten (10) minutes - when the Chapter has fewer than twenty (20) members. Most Speakers receive more than their average weekly tip count at this single meeting.


Q: What is VISITATION day?


At the first monthly meeting, all members are asked to visit another member at their place of business for 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to learn about their business. At the third monthly meeting, you will give a commercial for that member when you receive the tip bucket. If for some reason, you didn't visit that person, you personally hand that member five dollars at the meeting.


Q: Can someone attend meetings in my place?


Only as specified by LeTip International, an alternate may attend six (6) times per year, and never more than two (2) consecutive meetings. That person must be a qualified substitute, not a secretary.


Q: Who tracks my attendance and who do I call if I'm going to miss a meeting?


The Vice President. Always call if you're going to miss a meeting. You must attend at least 80% of all meetings.


Q: What is a "Fiver Day" all about?


Normally, this meeting day occurs once a month, and is set aside to give members the opportunity to bring and introduce Qualified Guests to the chapter. It is recommended that everyone bring a guest. Those members who do bring a Qualified Guest are permitted to remove $5.00 from the tip bucket when it is circulated. Members who do not bring a Qualified Guest are fined $5.00 which is placed into the tip bucket when it reaches them.


Q: Why do we have fines?


The answer is one of accountability. Fines are not meant to be punitive. Most of the fines LeTip imposes on its members are small and only serve as a reminder that you have certain obligations to your fellow members and your chapter as a whole. In actuality, fines only amount to $1.50 a month for most LeTip members.


Q: What does LeTip International, Inc. do for me?


LeTip International, Inc. is a support structure for over 400 chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada. We provide most of the materials necessary for your chapter to operate at no charge to you, and make sure those materials are only a phone call away. We also provide a full-time, paid staff to assist your chapter in the areas of leadership and growth every step of the way. This includes seminars for your Chapter's President and Board of Directors. Our staff also includes full-time Regional/Area Directors and Managers, as well as regional Chapter Ambassadors to ensure that every chapter is receiving the necessary support it requires to focus and expand its membership.
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The San Leandro Chapter of LeTip meets every Thursday morning at 7:16am at Denny's Restaurant, 1803 Marina Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577 near the 880 on the West side of the freeway.

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