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 Definition of a Tip

  My qualified business TIP, is a company or person who is interested in a specific service or product and is expecting a call from a LeTip Member.

Absence Hotline

(510) 483-0359

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President MaryAnne Kaplan (510) 273-2488
Vice-President Sarah Galvan (510) 483-0359
Secretary Linda Maltby (510) 614-7600
Treasurer Ted Gordon  (510) 452-9237
Membership Derek Jung (510) 393-9871
Tip Master Neil Resico (510) 610-5946

Contributing Members

Program Director Donna Walton (510) 885-1750
Social Director Ted Mitchell (510) 396-1636
Inspector Linda Maltby (650) 888-8097
Mentors MaryAnne Kaplan (510) 701-4051
Sergeant At Arms Ted Gordon (510) 452-9237
Ethics Sarah Galvin (510) 483-0359
Publicity MaryAnne Kaplan (510) 701-4051
Web Master Derek Jung (510) 393-9871
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The San Leandro Chapter of LeTip meets every Thursday morning at 7:16am at

Denny's Restaurant, 

1803 Marina Blvd., 

San Leandro, CA 94577

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